We first met Patty in 2005, when she accepted an engagement supporting a new business model, a not for profit pharmaceutical company, Institute for OneWorld Health. Patty was instrumental in supporting and guiding the organization in developing performance plans, compensation and recruiting. She went on to provide invaluable support, coaching and developing our senior management and executives. Patty is a truly competent and strong HR professional. From the start she has been an exemplary coach and professional - knowledgeable, approachable and yet friendly - that far exceeds other consultants we have worked with. Nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble for Patty and she always made the most of the many unique situations. She never made us feel like just another client. She was pleasant, present and accessible. As we built out a new organization in 2009 (Medicines360), Patty was right there to help us launch the new business, guiding us through organizational development, performing the 5 Dynamics to help us align our resources for maximum benefit and to help people understand how to work together more successfully. Patty is an asset to any organization and has both a breadth and depth of HR knowledge and experience.

Cristina Cavani, Director HR / Operations, Medicines 360
Patty Woolcock conducted a Mergers & Acquisitions Best Practices Study for BEA Systems at a time when we were making acquisitions every year. The focus was on a technical integration. Patty and her team conducted internal interviews, including board members and founders, and did external benchmarking as well. A total of seven companies were involved in the external benchmarking, and the work resulted in significant information regarding integration processes, due diligence check lists, and specific recommendations for BEA. As BEA continued to focus on acquisitions as a key growth strategy through the years, this best practice study was a valuable tool and asset in assuring success and flawless execution.

Jeanne Wu, Former VP of HR, BEA Systems
Patty partnered with me on a confidential and sensitive project that had some tight time requirements. She was responsive and flexible in meeting our unique needs. The analytical work she did was quite comprehensive and was organized in a way that was immediately ready for use with my Board. I greatly appreciated her quick turnaround time and the high quality work she was able to provide.

Kathleen Swift, VP of HR, Complete Genomics
Patty’s amazing at her craft.   At Turn Inc., we hired Patty to provide interview skills training and anti-harassment training to our entire population wherein she conducted sessions in several offices around the country.  I regard Patty as an HR expert and a trusted mentor.   Her practical, straight-forward guidance has been invaluable throughout my career in various organizations.

Noelle Ritter, Head of HR, Turn Inc.
A large healthcare organization was transitioning its benefits design and delivery model from decentralization to shared services. An important part of the change management involved process redesign. Patty and Lucinda started with defining how many processes we had (over 80), narrowed down those that were most broken (10), and conducted Process Redesign Workshops to reengineer these processes. By including business unit representatives, and starting with a “straw” process, they were able to end up with processes that everyone could buy in to and implement. Participants went from feeling that their jobs were in jeopardy to embracing the changes and realizing that there was more value-added work they could do.

This process work, which included redefinition of roles and responsibilities, resulted in improved HR service, greater accuracy and consistency, strengthened compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, ERISA, etc., and reduced cost.

Bill Brusher Director, Health & Welfare Plans, National Employee Benefits
We have engaged Patty to help in project consulting as well as individual coaching opportunities. In every case she has brought a logical, thorough and thoughtful approach to the work she does. Most recently, Patty worked closely with me as well as other key executives in the company to outline a defined yet flexible promotion process that can be used around the globe. Patty took the time to get to know the company and the individuals and ultimately provide a process that meets our needs for consistency and transparency. Patty always seeks to understand not only the big issue at hand, but any other challenges that might impact success. Patty’s vast experience and awareness of her clients only help in whatever she takes on.

Erica Allen, Senior Director Human Resources, Align Technology